Day 2 May Bumps 2018

M1: Rowed over
Confidence was high after Sim’s return to stroke seat and we were hungry for revenge. Start was much more controlled and we gained speed much quicker than on Wednesday. We kept inside station on King’s M1 for the first half but never really closed. Instead the race turned into a battle between us and LMBC M2 who made a big push onto the reach. We responded and fought them off all the way over the finish line. We are ready to do it all over again today and fight till the very last stroke.

W1: Bumped by FaT W1
W1 set of with the aim to take back what they lost yesterday but sadly they failed to hit the stride they have been achieving throughout training and First and Third W1 behind them closed the gap and was awarded the bump. Today W1 are chased by Churchill W1 and they are hungry to achieve the level of speed they have been holding throughout term and get some well-deserved revenge.

M2: Bumped Catz M2
This afternoon Christ’s M2 met with welcome and exciting success, and the first ever bump for the majority of what is a predominantly fresher crew. After a better start than yesterday, we were catching up with Catz M2 stroke by stroke just as a powerful Emma M2 closed in behind us. As we got three whistles on Catz with a nice tight line around First Post, Emma narrowed the gap to a couple of whistles on us. However, with a concerted push down a very splashy and turbulent Gut, we got overlap on Catz before rounding Grassy. After holding this for about 7 strokes and making contact, the Catz cox finally conceded, leaving us to pull in on the inside of Grassy, and Emma to row through. Though hot on our heels, they failed to make the move before we caught a rather panicky Catz. Emma managed to get the overbump on Maggie M3, leaving us with the challenge of catching them tomorrow. Though their start was stronger today, it should be an interesting competition seeing how they fare once we get up to speed across the rest of the course. But regardless as to tomorrow, a strong performance leading to a deserved bump for M2 today. // Sebastian Marshall, M2 captain

W2: Bumped by Emma W3
After having recovered from a broken rudder on Wednesday the crew set off to take some revenge. Unfortunately they found themselves with a quick crew behind them who quickly gained on them. W2 were unable to respond and Emma W3 got the bump. Today W2 are chased by Pembroke W3 and I hope they will take revenge for yesterday and stay way clear of them.

M3: Rowed over
A solid performance by M3 today, which sadly isn’t reflected in the results. Downing M3 bumped Queens M4, meaning we had to attempt an overbump on Trinity Hall M3. Clare were chasing us from behind, and made no gains on us, and we pulled away from them throughout the race. We eventually gained a length on Trinity Hall however this was not enough, as their crew put in a big push over the railway bridge, thus keeping us at bay. We are very optimistic however, that tomorrow will result in us bumping Queens M4, moving us closer towards the top of the division. // Shadab Ahmed, M3 captain