Day 4 Lent Bumps 2019

M1 – Bumped by St Catharine’s M1
M1 were chased by Catz today and were chasing FaT. M1 had their best row of the week. They made a strong start and held Catz on station until First Post Corner. Catz then started to make their move and slowly wound the crew in over the next three minutes. M1 continued to push against Catz, but they closed quickly on the Plough, gaining the bump just after Ditton. It’s been a difficult term for M1, with a number of injuries. Starting 6th on the river would have been difficult for any crew. M1 have taken all setbacks in their stride and are pleased to have produced the row they are capable of on the final day. We are all looking forward to Mays!

W1 – Bumped by Trinity Hall W1
W1 were chasing Pembroke W1 and were being chased by Trinity Hall W1. This was our strongest row of the week, with a fantastic, clean start. Trinity Hall closed in on us fairly quickly. However, once they were half a boat length away, they stopped gaining on us. We kept them away as we rounded First Post Corner and sped into the Gut. Although they were hot on our tail, we powered on and stayed technical and strong. Their boat’s bow danced with our stern and the distance between our two boats intermittently increased and decreased. However, they were never quite good enough. We had an exhilarating row down Plough Reach to the sound of cheers and pulled away slightly from Trinity Hall. Unfortunately, as we neared Ditton Corner, Trinity Hall gave a final push and bumped us. This was the sort of bump that we could not be bitter about. We gave it our all, we rowed extremely well and held Trinity Hall off over a long distance, never giving in. We end our bumps campaign with smiles on our faces, happy with our performance this week and with the progress we have made in Lent Term.

W2 – Bumped by Pembroke W2
W2 were being chased by Pembroke W2 today while chasing Downing W2, and were prepared to give it their all to save themselves from getting spoons. They had a good start despite the very windy conditions, and kept it together and clean coming towards First Post Corner. Pembroke W2 were putting down the power to get away from Trinity Hall W2, who looked like they were going to catch them until they crashed into the bank. Christ’s tried to pull away from Pembroke, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and they were bumped just after First Post Corner. Despite getting spoons in Lent Bumps, W2 are happy with their first bumps, feeling like they improved a lot through the week. They’re excited to keep on improving for Mays.

M2 – Rowed Over
M2 were aiming to rectify what happened on Tuesday when we got to within half a length of Queens M2, but let them get away. Once again we got off to a good start taking half a length out of Queens very quickly. Down the Plough Reach we managed to gain another half length. However, once again it proved too much to gain the last half length and Queens gradually started to move away again. We put in a better performance down the Reach then on Tuesday, staying in reach of Queens but by the end it wasn’t enough and we rowed over just behind Queens.