The committee is made of the people who run the boat club on a day-to-day basis. To contact a member of the committee email them with the addresses found below – if you are not sure who to ask, any member of the committee will be happy to pass your communications on to the most appropriate person or you can send your question through or contact form found here.

Captain of Boats and Men’s Captain

Shenzhen Newman

Hi, I’m Shen, I’m the captain of boats and men’s captain of CCBC, I’ll be overseeing men’s side as well as ensuring the overall smooth running of the club.

To me, rowing is great way to stay healthy both mentally and physically, whilst being buried in the workload of Cambridge. It has enabled me to meet new and wonderful people and staying fit at the same time.


Women’s Captain

Elizabeth Guest

I am responsible for organising the women’s side of the club; their training, coaching and racing. I also assist the Captain of Boats in the day to day running of the boat club as a whole.

I learned to row at Christ’s, and really loved the club atmosphere, meeting so many close friends. Getting fit and spending loads of time outside too was a massive bonus! Rowing is a brilliant break from work stress.

Boathouse Manager & Safety Officer

Kate Hurst

The boathouse manager/safety officer is reponsible for managing our boathouse, maintaining our boats, coaching and liasing with alumni/steering committee.


Sam Drury

Treasurer – keeps the books, monitors the club accounts, ensures the finances are there such that members can have access to high quality facilities, coaching and equipment.

Why I love rowing – it’s such a good stress buster! Also, it’s a very low impact, full-body sport; great for physique, all-round fitness and body conditioning. With rowing being such a team sport, you feel like one cog in a gearbox, and sharing success after all the races with others around you is such a great feeling. CCBC is Christ’s biggest sporting society and has numerous social events on each term, allowing members to get to know each other when not wearing an aio. Finally, the training plan provides such a good structure to your day – work hard, play hard.


Emily Marr

Hi, I’m Emily! As secretary, I keep things in order – I organise race entries, committee meetings, kit orders and more. I love rowing for the sense of community as well as for the exercise and being outside. There’s skill involved as well as strength and fitness and I like mastering all these aspects.


Publicity Officer

Holly Beveridge

The Publicity Officer is responsible for liaising with our sponsors, alumni, and our social media presence.

Men’s Lower Boats’ Captain

Herbie Lambden

As men’s LBC I’m responsible for training up this year’s novice rowers. I am keen to make CCBC as successful and friendly a club as possible and can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for us.


Men’s Vice Lower Boats’ Captains

Mateo Hoare

I am a Vice Men’s Lower Boats Captain. This  involves organising and coaching novice crews, bringing many from a level of no rowing experience up to CCBC standard. In addition there are administrative tasks for running a novice crew such as recruitment, crew selection and sorting subs, as well as liaising with other committee members to ensure success with the next generation of Christ’s rowers. Perhaps my most important role is showing the wonders of rowing as a way of meeting friends, destressing from work and keeping fit!

Oliver O’Brien

My role is to organise and run training for the novices in Michaelmas term. I will be focusing on socials and making sure everyone enjoys rowing as much as I do. I think everyone should give rowing a go. The club has a lovely welcoming and friendly atmosphere and the (hopefully) regular schedules help put some structure into the chaotic Cambridge life.

Women’s Lower Boats’ Captain

Imogen Holmes

Women’s Vice Lower Boats’ Captain

Erin Fitzsimons-West

My role is to assist the Lower Boat Captain in helping to teaching novices to row during the Michaelmas term. This involves organising teams and outings, preparation for races and ensuring the novices enjoy their time rowing.

Coxing Representative

Tara Tahseen

The Coxing Representative is responsible for the recruitment and training of new coxes.


Social Secretary

Elisavet Baltas

I’m boat club social secretary which involves organising all the boat club social events like boat club dinner, BBQs and cocktails. One of my favourite things about rowing is the social aspect of it (which is why I decided to go for social sec), you get to meet so many lovely people from other years that you wouldn’t know otherwise and I think that’s really wonderful.




Sammy Mahdi

Hi, I’m Sammy and I am responsible for desining and maintaining the website and our Facebook page. I started rowing when I arrived in Cambridge and it’s become an essential part of my life. It allows me to keep fit, socialize with people, spend time outdoors, wake up on time and get a nice tan for the summer.