The committee is made of the people who run the boat club on a day-to-day basis. To contact a member of the committee email them with the addresses found below – if you are not sure who to ask, any member of the committee will be happy to pass your communications on to the most appropriate person or you can send your question through or contact form found here.


Captain of Boats and Women’s Captain

Katy Hempson klh76

I’m a third year medical student and Captain of Boats for the 2021-22 academic year. I’ve been part of CCBC since joining as a fresher in 2019, and was one of the Women’s LBCs last year. I’m excited to work with Rich to develop the boat club and make progress following a slightly disrupted year, though last years captains did an excellent job of keeping CCBC going strong throughout the pandemic. I’m looking forward to meeting our new novices and helping our senior rowers progress further (I’ve heard a rumour CCBC will soon have the biggest watts on the water…). I’m sure that the club will continue to be a welcoming, fun and inclusive environment, and will do my best to ensure as many people enjoy rowing as much as I do.


Men’s Captain

Richard Turner rjt87

I’m Rich, your Men’s Captain for this academic year. I only started rowing in Michaelmas 2019 (two short years ago) when I landed in Cambridge to begin my PhD research in Neuroscience. I can attest that rowing with CCBC has been a real highlight of my experience in Cambridge!

After spending my novice term in NM1, I captained M2 during Lent 2020 and have been with M1 ever since. I’ve also served on the steering committee last year as Publicity Officer (although unfortunately lockdowns meant that I barely had any rowing to report on).

As Men’s Captain, I ultimately have oversight over everyone rowing on the Men’s side of the club, so even though I’ll be putting the watts down in M1 you’ll be certain to see me around as I help out with the training and development of our Men’s Senior and Novice boats alike. I’m also looking forward to working with Katy to deliver a more integrated Club than ever before, with plenty of mixed land training sessions and socials between both sides of the club!

Despite the challenges of the past year, I know that we’re in a great position as a Club and I’m looking forward to seeing CCBC grow further as we welcome our new novice cohort!


Boathouse Manager & Safety Officer

Kate Hurst

The boathouse manager/safety officer is reponsible for managing our boathouse, maintaining our boats, coaching and liasing with alumni/steering committee.


Alex Tocher at802

70% moustache, 20% posh noises, 5% rowing nerd, and 40% can’t add up… I’ve been rowing at CCBC for the past 4 years and have finally taken up a committee position as the new Treasurer. I think I’m well suited to this role due to my annoyingly pedantic nature and the fact that I get way too excited by a good spreadsheet. I also gained a lot of experience as a punt tour guide this summer in how to talk people out of large sums of money so hopefully this will come in handy. In the role of treasurer I hope to run the finances efficiently, diligently, and only skim a very reasonable 5% for myself…

On a more serious note, I’m very much looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal year of rowing with CCBC and helping out the club through managing the finances, and helping our fantastic captains make this (hopefully) a very successful and enjoyable year for the club.



Erin West ef408

I’m Erin, a fourth year medical student and I’m the secretary for CCBC for 2021-2. I’ve been a part of CCBC since Michaelmas 2018 and has been a great source of fun and challenge for the last few years. I’m excited to be a part of the committee this year and help sort out race entries, orders and other secretary duties.

Publicity Officer

Christina Lindeman chrl2

I’m Christina, a second year HSPS student and this year’s publicity officer. My role involves running our social media and communicating with our alumni and sponsors, so please don’t hesitate to each out to me at for any queries regarding this. I am excited to get to share updates from our lovely club’s everyday events and races on both our social media channels (@christscollegeboatclub on Instagram, ‘Christ’s College Boat Club’ on Facebook) and through our termly newsletters. Even though my experience with rowing is quite limited thanks to covid, I already love the sport and look forward to improving this year! 

Men’s Lower Boats’ Captain

Oliver Norbury ojrn2

Hi, I’m Ollie one of the men’s lower boat captains (LBCs) for this coming year. I will be coaching one of the novice boats and I hope to help a new year of Christ’s rowers come to love the sport as I have! Getting out on the cam is a very rewarding experience and lets you see Cambridge whilst having fun with friends. I can’t wait to meet you this term! 






Men’s Vice Lower Boats’ Captains

Benji Holland

Hi everyone, I’m a second year econ and one of the men’s LBCs for 2021-22. I started rowing in Michaelmas last year though it only really kicked off in Easter term when I started rowing for M2. I’m excited to work with all the other LBCs to give all you freshers the rowing experience we never had, organising loads of outings and hopefully making use of the boat club’s gym. I’m going to try and follow in Mikesh’s footsteps by making outings as fun and welcoming as possible, so I’ll see you all out on the water soon!!




Orestis Paschalis

I’m a 2nd year medical student and have been part of the CCBC for about a year now. Even though last year was difficult for everyone, I was impressed by the friendliness of everyone involved in the boat club as well as their ability to make rowing accessible and safe for everyone interested. This is something I strive to achieve as well this year as a men’s LBC. I’m very excited to meet all of our novices this year and share with the world how fun rowing can be.

Women’s Lower Boats’ Captain

Sandra Strahlendorf ss2635

Heya, I’m Sandra, a third-year Classics PhD at Christ’s. As one of the LBCs it’s my job to introduce novices to the joy that is rowing. This includes (but is by no means limited to) early morning outings, rainy outings, foggy outings, freezing outings, and outings that get cancelled because of a yellow flag so they turn into fun erg sessions. Yay!
All jokes aside, I’m super excited to show people how rewarding rowing can be and what a great community we have at CCBC. It for sure helped me in the last two years to have something apart from academia that I enjoy doing, and it did wonders for my mental and physical health during the pandemic to have access to (virtual) circuit training, yoga sessions, and a gym. Speaking of this, the boathouse comes with a pretty sweet gym and as the (in)official Captain of Coffee, I’ll make sure to have our cosy common room stocked with bean juice and tea so y’all can have a nice chat with a hot beverage after the rainy early morning outings mentioned above.

Women’s Vice Lower Boats’ Captains

Caitlyn Furley

I’m Caitlyn a 2nd year Natural Scientist (I’m not really sure if I’m phys or bio at this point). I only started rowing last year so if you’re nervous about trying it out don’t be! I also play lacrosse and climb :)) I will be looking out for the novice women teams with Amelia and Sandra and making sure no one ends up in the cam! Can’t wait to meet you all!


Amelia Blackwell

Hi, I’m Amelia, one of the women’s LBCs. I’m a second year natsci. I had never rowed before first year, but I really love it and I’m looking forward to a great year of rowing

Coxing Representative

Abbie Wright arw91

Hi, I’m Abbie. I’ve been the Christ’s M1 cox for the last 2 years and am now the coxing rep for CCBC and will be recruiting and coaching coxes for the club

Social Secretary

Kiera Messenger klrm2

Hi, I’m Kiera, a third year geographer and the social secretary again this year. My main role is to organise fun social events for CCBC, including cocktails, boat club dinners and swaps with other colleges. I started rowing as I enjoyed the atmosphere at the freshers’ BBQ (aka the Pimm’s) and now enjoy organising events that entice new people and keep the club spirit strong, as that’s one of my favourite things about rowing!