Head of the River Race 2019

30th March 2019 saw CCBC’s participation in the Head of the River Race (HoRR), held annually on the tideway, for the first time in two years, the crew consisting of a combination of M1/M2 rowers as well as a last-minute sub.

Having boated from Sons of the Thames Boat Club, the crew had a solid paddle towards the start line, inspiring confidence for a good race ahead. After a strong start and an immediate overtake of the two crews in front, the CCBC crew started to execute their race plan perfectly, resulting in further gains on the crews ahead of them. In the process of yet another double overtake, the CCBC cox bravely muscled past the two crews in front, who had both failed to concede the racing line, resulting in all three crews racing alongside each other. Despite some blade clashes on bowside, the crew continued with their race plan as they approached Hammersmith Bridge and prepared themselves for the last third of the race.

A strong push from Hammersmith resulted in yet another overtake from the CCBC crew. As the finish line approached and the crew passed by Fulham Stadium, the last crew was in sight roughly three lengths ahead. The CCBC crew quickly closed the gap and managed to pass the final crew shortly after the Black Buoy. The final time was 19:57.4, placing the CCBC crew 140th overall, and 4th out of 19 Cambridge College crews. All in all CCBC performed admirably and gave it their all, almost making up for the fact that the CCBC women had been unable to race in the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race (WEHoRR), due to take place two weeks previously, which had unfortunately been cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

CCBC passing under Hammersmith Bridge