Day 1 May Bumps 2018

A cautious but promising start to the week. GO CHRISTS!

M1: Bumped down to 15th in the 1st Division
After the crew pasta night before racing all looked well and we were ready for racing. But no, it would not be that simple. Our stroke man caught some bug and was unable to row. With myself at the unusual spot of stroke and a last minute sub we pushed off on race day. Start came and we set off with a lot of excitement but sadly the King’s crew behind us quickly made a move and got two quick whistles. We pushed away as we had practices and held them off till Ditton but without every finding a clear rhythm King’s finally closed the gap.

W1: Bumped down to 9th in the 1st Division
With Girton behind them and Clare in front W1 were ready for their first day of racing with a confident row down. The start however was choppy and the crew failed to gain speed efficiently from the start meaning Girton quickly closed the gap. The crew found a better rhythm and speed in the end but it was too late and Girton got the bump.

M2: Rowed over at 4th in the 3rd Division
A solid, if undistinguished, beginning to Christ’s M2 racing this afternoon: After much carnage earlier in the day delaying our division, we got off to a slightly over-excited start, overrating as we came around First-post. Unfortunately, due to a very bad start and poor row from Catz M2, our quarry Maggie M3 were able to bump in the gut and pull over, leaving us gunning for Queen’s M2 two places ahead. Peterhouse M2 never made any gains on us, and were caught rapidly by Emma M2, leaving us with an empty river behind. Initially we were able to pull closer to Queen’s, particularly with a big push onto the Reach, but stayed about three lengths behind for most of the course as they got their act together seeing us narrow the gap. A shame to miss out on catching Maggie, but if Catz repeat their performance tomorrow and we keep our start calm, we shall be in a promising position // Sebastian Marshall, M2 Captain

W2: Bumped down to 10th in the 3rd Division
W2 found themselves chased by a quick Catz W2. They fought till the end but in the end Catz got the bump and in the process caused massive carnage and managed to break W2’s rudder. Hopefully it will be fixed before tomorrow so the crew can go for that revenge bump!

M3: Rowed over at 4th in the 5th Division
M3 set off confidently chasing Downing M3 in front of them. However Queens’ M4 and Trinity Hall M3 had other plans and failed to clear preventing both Downing and Christ’s to complete their races and instead they were awarded a technical row over. A disappointing ending to what promised to be a good battle.