Boathouse Directions

See the map below, or the directions underneath it. These directions begin from the King Street gate of the college – for a map of the college, click here, where it is marked on the upper left boundary. The boathouse is the large blue-and-white building on the left as you go over the bridge – ring the buzzer to be let in.

If you cannot view the above map or it does not load, follow these instructions, which you can take both on foot and by bike.

  • Turn right out of the King Street gate and follow the road until you get to the roundabout (~300m, 3-4 minutes walk)
  • Cross to road to your left, to the other side of the roundabout where there is a pavement along of Victoria Avenue, with railings on the left (30m, <1 minute walk)
  • Follow the pavement along Victoria Avenue until you get to a bridge with short grey lampposts on each side (400m, 5-6 minutes walk)
  • Cross the bridge, where the boathouse is on your left, with a small blue gate (50m, 1 minute walk)