Day 1 Lent Bumps 2019

M2 – Rowed over
For the first day of Lents this year, M2’s expectations were high. We had made big improvements over the past few weeks and felt ready for the challenge of Queens M2 ahead of us. M2 went off at a solid race pace and immediately started to move up on Queens, getting one whistle just after first post. After an excellent line through Grassy we were down to just two whistles on the Plough Reach, but upon entering the Long Reach the headwind got the better of us and unfortunately Queens managed to slip away, leaving us to row over. We’ll be looking to improve on our performance from today and hopefully make up the extra half-length tomorrow.

W2 – Bumped by Catz W2
Excited and nervous in equal parts for the first Bumps race of every crew member, W2 started second in division III, chasing Corpus W1 and being chased by St Catharine’s W2. It unfortunately proved a short race for W2, as they did not manage to get completely straight for the start, and in the hurry of the start not all of bowside completely buried their blades, leading to bowside taking some air strokes off the start. This meant they collided back into the bank, being overtaken by St Catharine’s. After this disappointingly short first race, W2 are excited to have a chance at actually testing their speed against St Catharine’s W2 tomorrow.