Committee 2022-23

Christ’s College Boat Club is run by an elected student committee alongside our boat club manager and head coach Kate. We are a friendly bunch and always keen to assist with any queries. Feel free to come and chat with us in the boat house or drop one of us an email – we’re happy to help!

  • Boathouse Manager: Kate Hurst
  • Captain of Boats and Women’s Captain: Georgia Denham (gd472)
  • Men’s Captain: Alex Holmes (ajh298)
  • Women’s LBC: AnaRosa Capp (ac2425)
  • Women’s Vice LBCs: Sarah Clark, Lizzie Snow
  • Men’s LBC: James Morris (jm2398)
  • Men’s Vice LBCs: Thomas Richards, Tomi Vámos
  • Secretary: Emily Durling (ejd61)
  • Treasurer: Alex Tocher (at802)
  • Welfare officer: Annie Milhofer (azm24)
  • Coxing representative: Will Knights (wjk29)
  • Publicity Officer: Alix Danis (aced3)
  • Webmaster: Oisín Faust (opbf2)

Captain of Boats & Womens Captain

As our new Captain of Boats, my number one priority is being a big sister to everyone at the club. I am about to start a PhD in Music Composition and perform with improvised electronics and modular synthesiser. I learnt to row at a young age but took a long break during my undergrad and came back to the sport last year at CCBC. Fresh from blades with W1, I have exciting plans for the club – expect some seriously wholesome brunches and group training sessions.


Men’s Captain

Hello! My name is Alex – a second year biology PhD student working on identifying new drug targets against malaria and your Men’s Captain for this academic year. I’ve been rowing with CCBC for just over a year now, picking rowing up for the first time on a post-lockdown whim to try something new and quickly fell in love with the sport. I joined M2 during Michaelmas and subsequently took over as its Captain throughout our successful Lent Bumps campaign (bumping up twice!) and Easter term. My job as Men’s Captain is to help the Men’s side achieve their potential by overseeing our training and development. Much as my mullet, my Captaining philosophy is ‘Business at the Front, Party at the Back’ – I will push for us to build on our successes while maintaining our fun and social spirit. I look forward to working with Georgia, the committee, and all our members to create a welcoming, competitive, and united club.



Hi, I’m Emily, a 4th year medic and the CCBC secretary for 2022/23. Normally I can be found rowing for W2, but since I’ll be on placement this year and won’t be able to essentially live in the boathouse I’ve decided to replace that by doing a bunch of admin for the boat club. Just as good as rowing? Maybe not. But at least I get to control the stash orders.



Partly owing to lack of interest from other members in taking over the role, and partly owing to the lucrative 5% commission I’ve been taking from boat club bank transfers (hush hush…), I have decided to stay on for another year as Treasurer! After having a great time rowing with M1 all 3 terms last year, I will be away this year from CCBC attempting to make it into the lightweight blue boat. However, I will nonetheless try and stay in contact with the new members and ensure that the boat club thrives both financially and athletically. With all the finance upheaval over the covid period which I have had to deal with, I am very much looking forward to what will (hopefully) be a somewhat quieter year working as CCBC Treasurer alongside the new captains and the whole committee!


Publicity Officer

Hi, I’m Alix, a second year Land Economist and will be the publicity and sponsorship officer this year. I was a novice in Michaelmas 2021 and joined W1 in Easter term. I am looking forward to reporting and taking pictures of all our brilliant rowers  and their successes through handling the club’s social media, as well as working alongside the captains to organise the Winter Camp! My role also involves working with sponsors by being the main point of contact between them and the boat club.


Social Secretary

Hello, I’m Immi, a third-year Geographer and will be social secretary this year. The role itself puts socials, swaps with other colleges, cocktails, and boat club dinners mostly in my hands, and I hope to keep these as fun and welcoming as I experienced during my time in the boat club as a cox last year. I would like to find some new locations for socials and strengthen our relationships within the rowing/coxing community at Christ’s through these events!


Coxing Representative

Hi, I’m Will and I’m a second year economist. I’ve enjoyed shouting at 8 people each morning and all the benefits of the boat club without the pains of the erg by being a cox. I started as a novice with NW1, then coxed W2 in Lent followed by M1 in Easter. I’m looking forward to working with new coxes and doing more shouting!



Hello I am AnaRosa Capp, second year HSPS student and LBC this year! I’m really excited to introduce new novices to the wonderful sport of rowing as well help lay the foundations for future years of successful racing. I rowed in Dublin before coming to Cambridge, joining Christ’s W1 in 2021. The social atmosphere of the club has been one of my favourite parts of life in Cambridge. I can’t wait to expand CCBC with a new crop of novices.


Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m one of the women’s LBC’s. I am in my second year studying history. I started rowing in Michaelmas last year, caught the rowing bug and am now looking forward to introducing more people to the sport!


Hello I’m Lizzie and I’m very excited to be LBC in Michaelmas. I started rowing as a novice when I arrived in Cambridge last October and have fallen in love with the sport and the community at CCBC since then. I began rowing in NW1 and then moved to W3 in Lent and finally into W2 in Easter term, so in a short time have got to know a large part of the women’s side. I’m really looking forward to expanding the boat club community to a new wave of novices and passing on all the amazing joy that rowing can bring to the Cambridge experience.


Hi guys, I’m James and I’m one of the men’s lower boats captains for 2022-23. I’m a third year maths student and I started rowing last year as a complete novice and went on to join M2 for both of Lent and Easter term. I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the boat club committee to make sure this year’s novices are left with no choice but to enjoy the early morning starts!


Hello prospective rowers I’m Tom, I’ll be one of the lower boat captains for this coming year 2022-23. I started rowing last year after having watched my fellow econs row during my first year. Last year I went from a novice crew to rowing in M2 in both lent and Easter, having a great time while doing it. I can’t wait to meet all the new novices and building an even more fun and tight knit community in the best boat club on the river!


Hey everyone! I’m Tomi, one of the LBCs on the men’s side this year. I’m in my third year of studying economics and have rowed since I joined Christ’s. Part of my great experiences is a spoons campaign with M1 and (only) a minus 2 with M2. I am looking forward to teaching the next generation of novices so that they can have a great time rowing and racing on the Cam.


Welfare Officer

Hi! I’m Annie, a second-year Engineering student and the welfare officer for CCBC this year. I rowed in W2 for the past year, having sculled for a few years before uni. I’m really excited to support everyone (mostly by offering cups of tea and hugs to anyone who needs them…) and I hope to help organise some stress-relieving events!