Standing Orders

Standing Orders of Christ’s College Boat Club

Passed by a meeting of the club on 15th June 2002.
Amended by a meeting of the club on 2nd May 2009.

A. Elections

The Secretary shall publicise the rules and regulations of the elections i.e. this document, two weeks before the AGM.

1. Nominations

The Secretary shall open nominations one week before the AGM. Nomination shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary forty-eight hours before the start of the AGM, this may be extended to twenty-four hours for individual positions, should there be currently no nominations for that position. All nominations shall bear the consent of the nominee, be proposed and seconded and shall be presented on a sheet of A4 on which the candidate may produce a manifesto.

If a candidate for a Captaincy or Secretarial position wishes to drop down to another position on the loss of the primary election then this intent must be clearly stated on the nomination.

2. Eligibility

All candidates, proposers, seconders and voters shall have completed, or be in act of completing, their second term of rowing or coxing for the Club in a constituted VIII, IV or small boat, or have a 1st May Colour or have a University Colour. They shall have completed at least four weeks of rowing, coxing or coaching in the current academic year (or the previous academic year for those who have been away from the College for no more than one year). Candidates shall be proposed and seconded by members of their own club if running for a non-secretarial role. Members of men’s or women’s clubs are defined as those who have rowed or coxed for that club for two terms, or be in the process of completing their second term for the club. Voters are not allowed to vote in the elections for both men’s and women’s clubs. Any members who belong to both clubs shall nominate one of the clubs to receive their votes, and notify the Secretary before the start of the AGM.

3. Officers of the Club

A candidate may only stand for one Captaincy post at any particular time. On the loss of a Captaincy election, a candidate may stand for a lower Captaincy or Secretarial post, provided this intention has been stated in their nomination (see A1).

Those candidates for any of the Secretarial roles (Secretary, Publicity Officer, Treasurer, Social Secretary, Webmaster) may hold more than one of these positions, providing that the roles of Secretary and Treasurer are held by different people. Candidates may therefore stand for more than one Secretarial role. Captaincy and Secretarial roles may not be combined.

4. The Captains

There shall be separate elections for all positions (except where described below); Captain of Women’s Boats, Captain of Men’s Boats, Captain of Women’s Lower Boats, Captain of Men’s Lower Boats, Vice Captain of Women’s Lower Boats, Vice Captain of Men’s Lower Boats, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer, Social Secretary and Webmaster.

The winners of the elections for the Captain of Women’s Boats and Captain of Men’s Boats shall then be allowed to stand for the role of Captain of Boats. This election will be run as ‘first-past-the-post’. There will be no option to re-open nominations.

In the event that all candidates for the position of vice captain(s) of lower boats wish to first stand for the position of captain of lower boats, both positions may be elected using the same ballot, at the discretion of the returning officer. The procedure for such an election is as follows. The election for captain of lower boats shall proceed as above. Provided the result of this election is determinate, the election of vice captain(s) of lower boats will proceed as described above using the same ballots but with votes stating the elected captain of lower boats as 1st preference first distributed to their 2nd preference.

5. Franchise

The elections shall be by secret ballot, except when there is only one candidate, in which case at the discretion of the Returning Officer the election may be held by a show of hands. All eligible members (as defined in A.2.) are entitled to one vote. The Single Transferable Vote system (as defined in the University Ordinances) shall be used to decide the outcome of the election. An option to Re-open nominations shall be included on all ballot papers. The ballot papers shall be prepared so as to make it obvious that the Single Transferable Vote system is in use, so that candidates should be ranked in order of preference.

Only members of the men’s or women’s clubs (as defined in A.2.) may vote in their respective clubs elections. Any members who belong to both clubs shall nominate one of the clubs to receive their votes, and notify the Secretary before the start of the AGM.

6. Electing

The hustings, voting and counts shall be held one at a time, in the following order: Men’s and Women’s Captains, Captain of Boats, Captains of Men’s and Women’s Lower Boats, Vice Captains of Men’s and Women’s Lower Boats, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer, Social Secretary and Webmaster.

In the event of the outcome of the election to be to re-open nominations, nominations shall be re-opened from the day following the elections until 48 hours before a by-election, on a date chosen by the returning officer.

In the event of a tie, a further vote will take place at a by-election on a date chosen by the returning officer. There shall be no further hustings and only the candidates involved in the tie will appear on the ballot papers.

7. Returning Officer

The Returning Officer shall be the Secretary. If the current Secretary wishes to stand for election then the Administrative Committee shall appoint an alternative Returning Officer. The Returning Officer shall be responsible for nominations, the running of the elections and the counting of the votes. They are not allowed to stand for election, propose or nominate any candidate, or vote and thus shall remain neutral in the elections.

The Returning Officer shall also be responsible for the preparation of the ballot papers. (see A.11)

The Treasurer shall also assist the Secretary in the running of the elections and counting of votes. If the current Treasurer wishes to stand for election, then the Administrative Committee shall appoint an alternative assistant to the Returning Officer. The assistant to the Returning Officer shall not have a vote and be not allowed to run, propose or second any candidate, and thus remain neutral in the elections.

8. Hustings

Hustings shall take place at the AGM. Hustings for elections shall be advertised and chaired by the Returning Officer. Each candidate may give a speech of no more than five minutes, after which there will be up to ten minutes of questions (at the discretion of the Returning Officer). Questions can only be asked by those eligible to vote in the election and shall be directed to and answered by all candidates.

9. Voting

Voting shall take place immediately after the hustings for each post. The Results of each ballot will be announced immediately after the count. The ballot box shall be run by the Returning Officer.

All candidates may watch the Returning Officer (Secretary) and Treasurer counting the votes for their election.

10. Withdrawal from elections

A candidate may withdraw from the elections at any time providing the Returning Officer is informed. If a vote is received for a candidate that has withdrawn it shall be discounted and the ballot paper regarded as spoilt.

11. Preparation of Ballot Papers

The Ballot papers shall be prepared in advance by the Returning Officer. There shall be separate ballot papers for each post, containing the names of all candidates who are standing for that post, or may stand for that post on the loss of a prior election, and an option to Re-open Nominations for that post.

12. Voting by Proxy

If a voting member is unable to attend the election, they may apply to the Returning Officer for a proxy vote. Requests for a proxy vote must be submitted by the close of nominations, explaining why the member cannot attend the elections.

A proxy vote will then be permitted by the Returning Officer. Ballot Papers (see A.11) will be issued to the voter and must be returned to the Returning Officer in a signed and sealed envelope 24 hours before voting begins. This envelope will remain sealed until the ballot begins at which point all votes will be counted.

In exceptional circumstances the proxy vote deadlines may be extended up to a minimum of one hour before the advertised start of the hustings at the discretion of the Returning Officer.

B. Subscriptions

1. Eligibility

All members of the Club that are actively partaking in the sport of rowing shall pay a subscription to the Club for every term that they do so.

2. Rates

The treasurer shall state the flat rate of subscriptions at the start of Michaelmas Term. All members eligible shall pay this rate. Novices shall only pay half the set rate.

3. Race

Members may be asked to contribute to their race entry fees as determined by the Administrative Committee.

4. Paying of Subscriptions

Members subscriptions shall be added to their College Bill of the following term. Members will receive a breakdown of their subscription costs from the at the start of every term.

C. Boathouse Rules

1. Use of Equipment

Any person wishing to have private use of any of the Club’s equipment shall first obtain the consent of the Boatman and one of the Senior Officers of the Club.

2. Smoking

There shall be no smoking in the Boathouse or the grounds thereof.

3. Weights

No one shall use the free weights unless there is another person training with them. Every member shall store the weights off the floor tidily. All members must have had a weights induction before they may use the weights.

4. Ergos

Every member shall wipe down the ergos after use.

5. Security

The last person to leave the Boathouse shall turn off all the lights, shut all doors, close all windows and lock the doors. The Boathouse must be locked in this way when crews are on outings.

6. Boats

All boats are to be washed and wiped down after every session unless permitted not to do so by the Boathouse Manager. Members must be able to swim to take boats afloat.

7. Incidents Log

Any on the water incident possibly incurring fines or involving damage must be reported online for the Incidents Log. This is relevant to incidents involving our crews and those observed.

8. Boathouse Manager

Every member of the Club shall respect and follow the requests of the Boathouse manager with regards to boathouse equipment.

9. Cambridge University Combined Boat Club

All members of the Club shall observe the Rules of the River and Regulations for Racing as outlined in the CUCBC Handbook.

D. Other

1. Uniforms and Colours

The Club’s colours shall be Navy Blue and White. These colours shall be used on all items of kit and uniform. The Club’s Zephyrs shall be white with blue and white trim. The Club crest is an eagle above a crown with crossed oars. First May Boats may have a Rose on their Zephyrs, first Lents crews may have an Eagle on their Zephyrs.

2. Awards

Blades and Rudders may be awarded to crews that have moved up four or more places in bumps, and who have bumped on three or more days and are not bumped themselves. The awarding of blades and rudders is at the Captains discretion. Oars and rudders when awarded, may be obtained from the Club if available.