Day 3 May Bumps 2018

Yesterday’s rowing produced some impressive and encouraging results for the club, as well as again some more disappointing performances.

M1 – rowed over at 15th Div 1
We set off knowing that kings ahead of us would bump out so the only goal was to stay clear of lmbc m2 who got a bit too close on Thursday. Start and winds were a bit rushed from pure excitement but we quickly gained speed. Coming out of first post corner we hit our rhythm and walked away from the boat behind us. We held the rhythm all the way till the finish line and performed the weeks best race leaving lmbc far far behind. Today we are gunning for a bump on Selwyn M1 // Anton Nilsson, Men’s Captain

W1 – bumped by Churchill W1 to 11th Div 1
After two very disappointing starts it took a great effort from W1 to pick themselves up and remain positive. We had been let down in the first two days by nerves, but the knowledge of this did little to help remain calm. We managed to execute a start somewhat closer to that which we know we are capable of, but still ultimately failed to get away and settle properly in to our rhythm. We were caught by Churchill who added insult to injury by putting on bright pink victory bucket hats. Today’s aim is simply to produce the rowing we know we are capable of, regardless of result, and enjoy what will be the last bumps race for a few members of the crew. // Caitlin Hogan-Lloyd, Women’s Captain and Captain of Boats

M2 – rowed over at 3rd Div 3
Yesterday afternoon yielded another sturdy row-over from Christ’s M2, as Emma M2 got off to a powerful start ahead of us and caught Queen’s M2 in the Gut. As both crews pulled over, we were left with an empty course ahead, having started third in the division. Nevertheless, we managed to get in some of our cleanest and calmest rowing of the week, putting six or seven boat lengths between ourselves and Catz M2, whom we bumped on day two. A disappointment not to have a chance to make a move on Emma before Queen’s crumbled, but Queen’s will be firmly in our sights today, knowing we haven’t got much to worry about from Catz behind. // Sebastian Marshall, M2 Captain

W2 – bumped by Pembroke W3 to 12th Div 3
W2 were pleased to make it further before being bumped, but hope to produce a calmer row today and come together more in the start sequence.

M3 – bumped Queens’ M4 to 3rd Div 5
Despite a very overexcited crew yesterday, culminating in some rather choppy rowing, we packed a punch and got the result we had been expecting. Our gains were very stable, pulling away from Clare quite rapidly, and gaining on Queens from the get go. Before long, we were pleased to hear one whistle, two whistles and then the third. Admittedly, the crowds and whistles distracted us quite heavily, and the rowing slightly compromised. This was expected, and in spite of this, we regained composure and bumped Queens. This was expected, but nonetheless well deserved. Today will be difficult, chasing Magdalene M3, but we believe it to be possible. // Shadab Ahmed, M3 Captain