Steering Committee Constitution

The Constitution of the Steering Committee of
Christ’s College Boat Club (CCBC)

As agreed at the meeting of the Steering Committee on 25 April 2006.
Amended at a meeting of the Steering Committee on 26 April 2014, approved by an AGM of the Boat Club on 3 May 2014.

1. Name
The committee shall be called the Steering Committee.

2. Objectives
The objectives of the Committee shall be: To advise the Captain and Members of the Committee of the Christ’s College Boat Club on all those matters which affect the successful running and future of the Club and to make recommendations thereon, including but not limited to:
* the facilities and equipment available to the Club;
* the financial position of the Club;
* the day to day running of the Club;
* the provision of continuity of management of the Club’s affairs
whilst recognising at all times the traditional roles and responsibilities of the Officers of the Club.

3. Membership
The Committee shall consist of the following members:
Ex-officio: The President, the two respective Captains, the Secretary, the Publicity Officer, the Treasurer and the Boathouse Manager.
Additionally, there may be representatives of the sponsors, the Blades, the Bursar, the Development Director, and a member of the Fellows’ boat, by co-option. Old members of the Club shall be appointed to constitute other members of the Committee.
The aim is that co-opted members shall not number more than ten. Old Members’ potential membership of the Committee shall be advertised amongst the “Friends of CCBC”, and applications submitted to the Steering Committee Secretary. The current members of the Committee shall review all applications and appoint candidates where appropriate. The Chairman shall be a member of the Committee: either a Senior Member of the College, or an Old Member, according to ability and willingness; and be chosen by the current Committee (see above).

4. Tenure
Members of the Committee, except ex-officio members, shall hold their posts from their co-option by the Committee for four years. They may be considered again for co-option after a lapse of one year.

5. Termination of Office
A co-opted position on the Committee shall fall vacant whenever a member resigns his/her membership; or after four years (see §4). A co-opted member who has not attended three consecutive meetings may be deemed to have resigned.

6. Resignations
A member shall resign by a written letter of resignation to the Chairman. A three day cooling-off period shall then be given in which the resignation may be withdrawn in writing. After this the resignation will be accepted and the position re-advertised.

7. Accounts and The Finance Officer
The Committee shall authorize expenditure from funds controlled by the Steering Committee, appointing one of its number as Finance Officer, to review these funds, advise the Committee, and to liaise with the Club Treasurer between meetings, authorising expenditure in accordance with the policy agreed at the Committee meetings.

8. Meetings
There shall normally be one meeting of the Committee every term, and the dates planned for these will be advertised to members one year ahead, by the Secretary. The Chairman shall chair meetings. The Treasurer of the Club shall present the Committee with a breakdown of accounts and spending for the term previous and term expected at each meeting. The Steering Committee will report its findings to the Administrative Committee, and vice versa. Six members shall constitute a quorum, but these must include at least two current student officers and two co-opted Old Members.

9. The Secretary
A Secretary shall be appointed by the Committee from among their number, who shall be responsible for calling meetings and ensuring that the agenda and minutes of the last meeting are circulated prior to the meeting. The Secretary shall make an accurate record of discussions and actions to be taken at each meeting and present these to the Committee.

10. Constitution
Any amendments to the Steering Committee Constitution shall be approved by the Steering Committee and then passed by Christ’s College Boat Club in accordance with their Constitution. The Steering Committee shall approve any Constitutional amendments to the Christ’s College Boat Club Constitution before they are presented to and then passed by Christ’s College Boat Club in accordance with their Constitution.