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Captains’ Welcome

Welcome to Christ’s College Boat Club’s new website. Our names are ShenZhen Newman and Elizabeth Guest, and we will be your boat club Captains for the 2019/20 season. We both began rowing at Christ’s and are enthusiastic about introducing others to Cambridge’s most popular sport. We are particularly excited as this year’s new members will be the first to learn to row out of our new boat house. The boathouse has been extended and completely refurbished, offering a fully equipped gym, large fleet of boats and great space for social events. The boathouse feels like home to many boat club members and brings both squads closer together, creating one CCBC.

The 2018/19 season saw mixed results for the club, but many of the seniors are returning and we hope to capitalise on the experience they bring. We are now looking ahead to recruit and develop the next generation of Christ’s rowers and coxes. Our Lower Boats Captains are working hard on our ‘novice’ program, complete with individual coaching, competitive races and an active social calendar. We hope our new athletes will help bring success to all levels of the club throughout the year. If you are new to Christ’s and are looking for a sport that will keep you fit, make you long-lasting friendships and great memories, look out for us during Freshers’ week and give rowing a try.

Shenzhen Newman- Captain of Boats and Mens’s Captain

Elizabeth Guest- Women’s Captain

May Bumps 2019







Day 1

Rowed over+/- 0

Bumped by Fitzwilliam W1– 1

Bumped by Queens M2– 1

Bumped by Homerton W2– 1

Rowed over+/- 0

Day 2

Rowed over +/- 0

Rowed over +/- 0

Bumped by Robinson M2– 1

Bumped by Jesus W3– 1

Rowed over+/- 0

Day 3

Bumped by LMBC M2– 1

Rowed over+/- 0

Bumped by Magdalene M2– 1

Bumped by Clare Hall W1– 1

Rowed over+/- 0

Day 4

Rowed over+/- 0

Rowed over+/- 0

Bumped by Catz M2+ 1

Bumped by Lucy Cavendish W2– 1

Rowed over+/- 0

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