Day 2 Lent Bumps 2019

M1 – Bumped by Robinson M1
M1 have had to make big crew changes in the run-up to bumps after their stroke was injured in a cycling accident. They adapted to the new crew order quickly with the help of a returner, Adam Atkinson, at 6. The row down to the start line was sharp. M1 were being chased by Robinson and chasing Jesus. We were not sure what to expect from either crew. M1 weren’t as sharp in the start as they have been in training. They struggled to maintain length as they were hit by strong winds passing under the Motorway Bridge, and were thrown off balance by the outflow. Robinson had made a very aggressive start and were within one length of Christ’s after one minute of racing. M1 managed to keep Robinson at one length until First Post Corner, where they were hit by strong gusts. They lost a lot of boat speed coming into The Gut, and Robinson closed quickly before gaining the bump. M1 are now resting their legs for tomorrow’s racing, when they will be chased by Peterhouse.

W1 – Rowed over
W1 were chasing First and Third Trinity W1 and were being chased by LMBC W1. To our surprise, LMBC did not push off from the bank and we later discovered that their cox had forgotten the buoyancy aid. As such, we set off with the goal to bump FaT, calmer in the knowledge that we had less pressure from behind. We held station with FaT along First Post Reach, after a reasonable standing start. As FaT bumped the crew ahead of them new First Post, we settled into a row-over pace. We maintained a strong rhythm in head race style, moving well onto the Long Reach for the final stretch of river. We finished at the top finish, tired but exhilarated and excited for what we will achieve tomorrow!

M2 – Bumped by Emma M2
After rowing over yesterday, M2 were hoping for a more confident performance today and to bump Queens who had eluded us the previous day. The conditions were windier than the previous day but despite this we made a strong start, once again quickly taking half a length out of Queens M2. However, simultaneously, the very strong Emma M2 were gaining on us from behind. A strong gust down the Gut upset the rhythm of our boat and unfortunately we were unable to recover and Emma had soon gained rapidly on us, finally bumping us around Grassy. Despite being bumped, M2 performed commendably against a very strong Emma crew

W2 – Bumped by Eddies W1
W2 were ready to improve their performance from yesterday and eager to bump St Catherine’s W2 back. Now being chased by St Edmund’s W1, they knew they needed to nail the start today, especially in the windy conditions. Their start today was greatly improved, putting down the power early and gaining a little on St Catherine’s. They pushed hard, holding St Edmund’s off easily as they hit their stride call. Unfortunately in the chaos the power ten call that normally follows the stride was forgotten, and the power that W2 knew they could give didn’t happen, leading to them being bumped by St Edmund’s W1 at First Post Corner. Keen to keep improving from these bumps, W2 are being chased by Downing W2 tomorrow, driving them to row hard and bump St Edmund’s back quickly before Downing can catch up.