Fairbairns 2017

The big race of term, Fairbairns, is now over with incredible results for all crews that entered. The race is 2.7k for the novices and 4.5k for the seniors starting from Jesus boat house. Race day was hectic with a total of 12 crews representing Christ’s, including four novice crews and five alumni boats. Truly great to see such great representation, something not seen in years.

Here are all final results from the two days of racing:

NM1 (changed into NM2 due to NM2 being quicker) – 12th of NM1, 3rd of NM2 (11:13.1)
NM2 (now NM1) – 1st of NM2, 5th of NM1 (10:40.1)
NM3 – 1st of NM3 (12:24.4)
NW1 – 12th of NW1 (13:16.0)

M1 – 7th of Cam M1s (15:50.8 )
M2 – 7th of Cam M2s (18:00.5)
W1 – 7th of Cam W1s (18:20.1)

Crustaceans M1 – 10th of Invitational Men’s VIIIs (17:30.1)
Crustaceans M2 – 14th of Invitational Men’s VIIIs (18:26.0)
Crustaceans M3 – 18th of Invitational Men’s VIIIs (20:07.1)
Crustaceans W1 – 8th of Invitational Women’s VIIIs (20:41.1)
Crustaceans IV – 4th of Invitational Men’s IVs (12:42.7)

Fantastic results by all crews, congratulations!